About Liz

From an early age, I have had a fascination with the power of intuition, and how it can translate into success. Over the years of creating and building businesses, I have learned that the most successful decisions happen when we follow our instinct. I have experienced first-hand how intuitive signals can guide us in navigating challenges and lead to incredible breakthroughs.
In 2020, I experienced a massive spiritual shift, and my intuitive abilities improved dramatically overnight. It was then that I realised just how crucial intuition truly is – it has the power to transform lives and change the game in an instant.

Since then, I have passionately devoted myself to learning, practicing, and teaching others how to develop this powerful skill. The Intuition Academy strives to help others recognise, foster, and use their intuition to their advantage, building spiritual growth and decision-making confidence along the way. Whether you're looking to make significant changes in your life, or just want to navigate daily challenges with more ease, our academy is here to support your own intuition journey.


Liz Volpe is one of Australia's most prominent female entrepreneurs dedicated to empowering the next generation with the skills to navigate a business landscape... yet to be imagined. She is a courageous innovator, empowered woman in business and is driven by an unshakeable belief that the pursuit of our dreams can positively affect change in the world. 


As the founder of Project Gen Z, Liz's purpose is focused on educating the youth of today in entrepreneurial thinking. She knows only too well the importance of these skills having herself landed in Australia in her early twenties with nothing more than a backpack full of dreams and a heart full of determination. 


These dreams led Liz to pursue a successful career in sales and marketing, before founding her first business in 2006 Zest Possibilities. Zest was a market leader in outsourced promotions, sales, and marketing campaigns; however Liz defines the success of Zest by the $160 Million fund raised for Australian and International charities.


In 2012, Liz continued her pursuit to pioneer purpose-driven business ideas when she co-founded The League Of Extraordinary Women. Today the League has a community of over 100,000 global female entrepreneurs and leaders.


By 2015, Liz had ticked all of the boxes defining success, however there was one big dream she was yet to pursue. A few years earlier she had visited a NFP, Sunrise Cambodia, and as a result of that experience knew that she had a destiny inside yet to be born. That destiny would not only help the young people of Sunrise but also inspire young people all over the world. Project Gen Z was born.


Project Gen Z are a collective of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and CEOS who have joined forces to roll out Dare to Dream entrepreneurial workshops targeted at young people all over the world. ​With Liz at the helm, the Project Gen Z team have educated more than 100,000 students in Australia and developing nations while also raising more than $550,000 dollars for partner charities. 

Today she continues her mission to inspire big dreams through her extraordinary vision for the future of our planet. She is undoubtedly one of the most influential thought leaders of her time for young people and is also an incredible role model for women in business, pioneering leaders and socially minded innovators. When In the presence of Liz one cannot help but believe... that dreams really do come true.