The time is now to unlock your intuition

Embrace the Intuition Era, gain the cutting edge, and fast-track your dreams and goals with our transformative programs at The Intuition Academy. The time is now to unlock your intuition and soar to new heights of success.

Meet our Chief of Intuition, Liz Volpe

Welcome to The Intuition Academy, where we empower you to embrace spiritual growth and harness the incredible power of intuition.

Led by visionary entrepreneur Liz Volpe, we believe in the extraordinary potential that intuition holds to change lives.

With a successful background in building award-winning marketing companies and making a positive impact on disadvantaged children, Liz's spiritual shift in 2020 unleashed the true potential of intuition in her life. Now, she is dedicated to helping others tap into this profound force of guidance and wisdom.

Join us at The Intuition Academy and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Ignite your intuition, unlock your inner potential, and create the life you've always dreamed of. It's time to trust your intuitive hits and embrace the spiritual adventure that awaits.

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    Develop your Intuition was perfect timing for me having tinkered on the outskirts in other courses. Liz has a great combination of skills, communication and encouragement when she teaches. Credible, authentic and very professional is how I would describe Liz’s delivery of this course. Trusting your intuition is sooooo useful in every day life so this course is a great investment. If you’re spiritually curious, then you’re in the right place. Thank you Liz.

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    Liz is the real deal! I never thought I would have the breakthroughs so fast, and have been able to connect with my spiritual senses and read people with accuracy! The safe, inclusive group is something special, to learn and share. Thanks so much Liz, to hold a safe place for the right time in my life.

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    This program was life changing for me. I finally found an environment where I felt safe to start learning how to trust my gut and learn from my inner intuition. I now have the tools to keep developing my skills. Liz is a wonderful teacher and gifted medium. By following her exercises and guidance and leaning into what you already know, you'll walk away empowered and confident. Don't miss out on this program!

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    Liz has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to learning how to build our intuitive muscle. Having recently done this work herself, she is the perfect mentor as she knows first hand how to give us the answers we are seeking. Liz is also such an engaging host! Using real life examples and humour to explain her lessons makes it all the more enjoyable.

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