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The Intuition Academy

12 month Soul reading

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Introducing the 12-Month Soul Reading with Liz Volpe, Founder of The Intuition Academy

Are you yearning for clarity and answers about your future? In life, we often encounter moments of uncertainty that can leave us feeling stuck or trapped in various aspects, such as our careers, relationships, or challenging situations. This lack of clarity can bring about self-doubt, procrastination, and a loss of confidence in moving forward.
With our 12-Month Soul Reading, Liz Volpe, renowned intuitive expert, will guide you towards the clarity and direction you seek for the year ahead. With 30 minutes of dedicated preparation beforehand, Liz taps into her innate psychic abilities and connects with your aura, identifying energy blocks that may hinder your progress. This crucial step allows her to provide a comprehensive reading that focuses on helping you gain clarity and answers to your most pressing questions.
During your session, she delivers profound soul messages that serve as guiding beacons along your journey. Moreover, Liz offers the necessary support and guidance to awaken and harness your own intuition, empowering you to make informed and connected decisions.
"Thank you Liz for the most beautiful divinely guided reading which has completely filled me with an enormous sense of love, joy, fulfilment, knowing and trust. Your spirit messages and guidance were very clear and I feel empowered in fully trusting the messages that came through. I am very grateful for this experience and thank you for being entirely dedicated to opening and sharing your spiritual gifts to assist me on my path." Luisa

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and enlightenment with our 12-Month Soul Reading. Gain the clarity, answers, and confidence you need to navigate life's challenges and unlock the power of your intuition.

Live 40-Minute Zoom Reading $200


Live virtual reading- This will be done via zoom.


Please purchase the reading here, and then click the following link to schedule a suitable time;

You can purchase the Soul reading as a gift. Once purchased, please email to organise a gift voucher.


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