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The Intuition Academy

Develop your Intuition Certification - 6 week live virtual - July

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Unleash Your Intuitive Power: Trust Your Gut, Find Clarity, Make Aligned Choices.

Learn the Intuitive HIT technique 

Live Virtual program- Mon 15th July- Friday 16th August

Discover the magic of intuitive hits - those instinctive, unexplainable feelings that provide guidance and clarity. By tuning into your inner wisdom, you'll gain insight beyond rational thinking, enhance self-trust, and make authentic decisions. Let intuition lead you to a more harmonious, insightful, and trusting state of being. Embrace the power of intuition and navigate life with authenticity and wisdom.

Step into the realm of intuitive mastery with renowned expert Liz Volpe as your guide.

In this groundbreaking 6 week program, Liz reveals the six sacred pillars that form the bedrock of the intuitive hit technique.

Uncover the secrets behind harnessing your intuition like never before, as Liz shares her profound wisdom and insights. Get ready to ignite your intuition and unleash its power in your life, as you embark on this transformative journey with Liz Volpe, the visionary behind the intuitive hit technique.

What you will learn;

  • The difference between your logical mind and intuitive wisdom
  • The 6 pillars to cultivate and trust your intuition
  • Daily practices and habits that enhance your intuition
  • How to develop and refine your intuitive senses (the Clairs)
  • How to use intuition to gain clarity on the future and overcome obstacles
  • How to unleash your authentic self and achieve greater success 


Gain practical tools, sharpen your intuitive skills, and make aligned choices with unwavering confidence. Join Liz and become a master of the intuitive hit, transforming your life and empowering others. Let your intuition guide your path to success. 


"Liz’s intuition program was absolutely amazing and life changing. It has opened my eyes and mind to so many new concepts and has helped me in areas of my life that I didn’t expect. If intuition is something that interests you, then I can 100% recommend this program".- Kate G

What the program includes

  • 6 x 1hr live virtual immersive and educational live workshops with founder, Liz Volpe 
  • 3 x 30 min live intuition and practical development and training technique sessions
  • An exclusive personal 1-on-1 mentoring session with founder Liz Volpe
  • An invitation to join our private community and receive on-going support, exercises and development
  • Access to the Intuitive HIT technique workbooks, tools and printables
  • A Certification in the Intuitive HIT technique on completion
  • An opportunity to become an Intuitive HIT practitioner and coach.

For an overview of the curriculum please email

Program dates

Mon 15th July- 16th August

The program is run on a weekly basis. Our live virtual workshops take place each Monday lunchtime 12-1pm AEDT, and our practical Q & A sessions run on a Thursday lunchtime via zoom at 12.30-1pm AEDT

Please note, all sessions are recorded and shared in our private group for those that cant make any of the workshops.


Cost $799 

Limited to 10 places 

Pay in instalments- 3 payments of $266  (To organise please contact


Enrolment now open- Unleash your extraordinary potential.

This program has been rated 5 stars by past students!

This program is like an Intuition Bootcamp. You have an amazing personal trainer (Liz) who will bring you up to speed on the correct exercises and inspire you to keep showing up. Am I more intuitive? Absolutely. I now have the tools to navigate my life with certainty and to provide intuitive guidance to others. Finally, Liz is the best teacher. She believes that we all have the power to tap into our intuitive genius, and under her guidance, you can believe in yourself too. Trust me when I say your intuition has brought you to the right place at the right time. Just do it! 


Program FAQ's

Is this the right program for me?

“This program is for anyone seeking to deepen their intuitive connection and harness the power of the intuitive hit technique” Liz Volpe

Develop your Intuition is for individuals who are passionate about personal growth, spiritual development, and unlocking their innate intuitive abilities. 

Whether you're a coach, healer, entrepreneur, or simply exploring your own inner journey, this program is designed to empower and guide you on the path of intuition and self-discovery. 

No matter your background or level of experience, if you are open to embracing your intuition and expanding your understanding of it, this program is for you.

It might be hard for me to be there for every live workshop!

Please note, all live Q & A's and workshops are recorded, so don't worry if you cant make them all as they will be posted in the private group to be accessed when you can watch them. You will have access to ask Liz and the rest of the community for questions  Monday- Friday, and our group practice happens at your own speed.

I have some further questions

With any further questions you can send an email to or book a 15 minute discovery call with Liz to see if the program is right for you


Program dates

Monday 15th July 12pm-1.00pm (Introduction /welcome session / Module 1)

Thursday 18th July- 12.30-1pm (Live Q & A)

Monday 22nd July 12pm-1pm (Module 2)

Monday 29th July 12pm-1pm (Module 3)

Thursday 1st August- 12.30-1pm (Live Q & A)

Monday 5th August 12pm-1pm (Module 4)

Monday 12th August 12pm-1pm (Module 5)

Thursday 15th August- 12.30-1pm (Live Q & A)

Monday 19th August 12pm-1pm (Module 6)





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